What Happens Next!

Your practitioner will assess the info for you and dive deep to find the underlying cause of all your conditions. Determination will be based on patterns the herbalist(s) perceives based on Chinese medicine theory, other global medical systems, experience, advanced nutrition and your experience with the conditions (very valuable). Once findings are provided to you in a report then the herbalist and you will have a vital discussion, with your thoughts and his, to arrive at a sound, practical strategy that works for you, not him.

The senior master herbalist will recommend Chinese medicine formula, a food therapy regimen, additional modalities, as needed, etc. There will be conversation, as to whether, an additional appointment is needed and future communication.

Your success is dependent on the both of us working together. Any rare reactions need to be shared immediately because it is critical to your well-being and future. It is usually due to diet rather than formula but may be hard to discern at the time. However, if it is due to formula selection then you will see the herbalist quick to remedy the situation. Bottom-line, the herbalist cares about you very much and thinks about all his clients’ well-being.

Based on the assessment and your input, I will send you:

  • Food Therapy Report
  • Instructions on each formula including dose and duration
  • Recovery expectations
  • Additional reports as needed

The report is customized to support your general constitution requirements. For complaints such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, brain function and hormonal disorders, please consult, in detail, with your practitioner. He really wants to know, to serve you better.


Mark Hammer, CMHIII
Senior Master Herbalist
Longevity Mountain Herbs

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