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Longevity Mountain Herbs was developed by master herbalist, Mark Hammer, C.M.H. in 1998. Mr. Hammer developed herbal formulas based on his knowledge of herbology from sources all over the world. He has studied Native American, South American, European, Egyptian, Ayurvedic, Tibetan, African, and Asian Medicine.

However, his studies began earlier as a result of his study of the martial arts. His focused re-entry into serious study of Wushu-kungfu started in 1993. "As an older man (40 yrs.) compared to most martial artists, I found my practice less energetic with aches and pains due to less reserves of energy. I woke up exhausted but didn't want to quit and hoped my body would eventually perform with more conditioning. That didn't come easy, as before. Even though older, I wanted to compete on the national/international stage. This motivation moved me to find answers in herbal medicine. This helped but I needed more and kept searching until I found a Grandmaster herbalist (Dr. Chun). He was in his late 70s and used herbs to stay healthy. I needed to be faster and stronger than to 20 and early 30 year old males. My teacher gave me formulas for me and agreed to teach me Chinese medicine with an emphasis on Chinese herbalism if I would share my success with others. We agreed and then I improved on the formulas. As a result, I was able to compete and do very well internationally, thanks to Chinese medicine and a very good Shifu, Ben Butler and Grandmaster Wong-Jurong."

To this day, Mr. Hammer teaches Taichi, Wushu, Qigong, longevity exercises, and many weapons to stay in shape and keep the art alive by teaching others. "I am forever grateful because, without which, I would probably end up a couch potato and not enjoy senior life as much as I do."

Formula development was and is founded on the belief that combining a world body of herbal knowledge is greater than a single regional source. However, Chinese medicine have greatly influenced how Mr. Hammer thinks about the application of herbal knowledge. The diagnostics and knowledge of Chinese medicine has been extremely valuable and works well with other systems when applied to other practices of herbal medicine. Combining the various systems of herbal medicine can only improve the practice of alternative medicine which Longevity Mountain Herbs strives to support.

The Grandmasters of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) used and observed the effects of their formulas for over 2,500+ years. By virtue of their quality, TCM formulas have survived the test of time. When properly prepared and applied, they help to build healthy bodies, prolong life and eliminate imbalances. TAM has remained hidden from the Western world… until now.

Longevity Mountain Herbs is dedicated to discover and reveal the greatest secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine to all who wish to learn. We are committed to providing an education in the use of these formulas, extracts, and medicines while offering them at a reasonable cost. It is our hope that we can relieve suffering while significantly improving the health and longevity of those we serve.

We urge you to make full use of the information which we provide in full cooperation with the advice and recommendations of your physician, nurse, herbalist, chiropractor, naturopath (ND), acupuncturist, or other health care professional.

We are located in Houston, Texas. Our clinic is warm and relaxed while professional which is appreciated by our long-term customers.

Information provided on this website is for educational purposes only, is accurate, truthful, and not misleading. Claims are supported by the experience and research of the practice of Traditional Asian Medical practitioners and Doctors in Taiwan, the Peoples Republic of China, Japan, Korea, and by modern Western medical research.

Herbal Supplement Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any diseases. The information here is not provided by medical (allopathic) professionals and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician before beginning any course of treatment. However, billions of people have used these products without complication. These herbal formulas have been used in conjunction with allopathic medical regimen, successfully without interference in the restorative process.

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