What Are The Best Prostate Chinese Herbs?

PROSTATE COMFORT (DAMP HEAT) FORMULA | Most Effective Prostate Chinese Herbs

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    The best prostate Chinese herbs for prostate inflammation, enlargement and cancer are not easily found with all the supplements in the market. However, the Chinese master herbalists, through trial and error, over thousands of years, created the best prostate Chinese herbs formula. Men, the U.S., have an opportunity to discover what millions of men before have found before – normal urine stream, normal prostate size, freedom from inflammation and tumor.

    Either now! Or eventually later. More men find themselves waking up during the night to use the bathroom more frequently. This robs precious time for sleep while decreasing valuable energy needed for the day.

    Every three minutes a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer. That’s approximately 198,000 men every year. 31,500 will die. Yes, those are frightening statistics. However, you don’t have to be a victim. Take control of your own health. Arm yourself with the ultimate battle plan for preventing and conquering this rampant killer of men.


The prostate is a gland that lies just below a man’s urinary bladder. It surrounds the urethra like a donut and is in front of the rectum. The urethra is the tube that carries urine out of the bladder, through the penis and out of the body. Normally, the prostate is quite small, it is nearly the same size and shape as a chestnut. Your doctor may check your prostate by putting a finger into your rectum to feel the back of your prostate gland.


Prostate Disorders and Current Treatments

As men age, the prostate is likely to become a source of problems. The three most common problems are inflammation (prostatitis), prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia), and prostate cancer.


Every year, approximately 2 million physician visits include the diagnosis of prostatitis. Despite its widespread prevalence, prostatitis remains a poorly studied and little understood condition.

Prostatitis is prostate gland inflammation. The term prostatitis includes many different disorders causing symptoms related to the prostate. Described by the medical author, “a wastebasket of clinical ignorance” (2), because many incomplete diagnostic descriptions have been thrown under the label of prostatitis. The gamut of prostatitis varies from the typical acute bacterial prostatitis to multifaceted conditions that may not even involve prostatic inflammation. These conditions can often be frustrating for the ailing and the healthcare practitioner.


An estimated, 50% of 55 years old men suffer from prostate enlargement. When men reach 80 years old, more than 75% have enlarged prostates. The generally accepted medical choice is surgery. But more men are selecting non-surgery treatments.

In technical terms, this condition is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is an infection or another urologic condition. When the prostate grows larger, it may apply pressure against the urethra thus decreasing the flow of urine or make the stream, weaker or slower.

Increased prostate size and urine flow changes does not automatically indicate you have cancer; you may have BPH. Note that BPH is not cancer and it has not been shown to increase the risk of prostate cancer. However, a man can have both BPH and prostate cancer.


Normal Cell growth proceeds in an organized and orderly manner. New cells replace old dying cells. When balance is lost, rapid abnormal, cell growth can form into a tumor or cancer. For men, this occurs usually in the prostate. The early stages causes no symptoms while in the middle stages, urination may be interfered with by an inflamed prostate pressing the urethra. In the later stages, prostatic cancer can spread into lymph nodes and bones.

There is a blood test some doctors use for prostate cancer called the prostate-specific antigen test (called the PSA, for short). If you have prostatitis, your PSA level might go up. This does not mean you have cancer. Your doctor will treat your prostatitis and may check your PSA level again.

Longevity Mountain Herbs has brought forward the proven master formulas, held closely by the Asian grandmaster herbalists, to the American public. Our mission is to provide a safe and natural approach to lifelong prostate health.

Prostate Comfort reduces prostate inflammation enabling normal urination and pain reduction. Softens and reduces inflamed prostate tissue alleviating pressure on the urethra. Most users experience relief overnight without any side effects except sound, uninterrupted sleep. Removes painful sex for men.


    1. Astragalus (Huang qi) – generates blood and fluids, discharges pus and regenerates flesh.  Its warmth reinforces yang transport and transformation, promotes urination and reduces edema.  Increases energy, raises prolapse and alleviates uncomfortable sensations of dragging downward.  Ceases bleeding.
    2. Oldenlandia (Bai hua she she cao) – Clear Heat/Relieve Toxicity in the colon, urethra and surrounding area. Anti-cancer 2,  resolves toxins, and relieve swellings on the skin (carbuncles, sores, snake bites), appendicitis, sore throats, and urinary tract infections.
    3. Lycopus lucidus (ze lan) is often known as bugleweed – Gently invigorates blood, dispels stasis, promotes urination, eradicates inflammation
    4. Teraxacum herba (pu gong ying)  Chinese dandelion – diuretic (promotes urination), reduces blood pressure,  soothes inflammation in the kidneys and urethra, liver cleanser
    5. Phellodendron cortex (huang bai) inner bark of cork tree – urinary tract infections,  prostatic urethral obstruction, prevents prostate tumor development, reduction of cholesterol and sugar in blood
    6. Patrinia seu (bai jiang cao) – Intestinal abscesses, appendicitis, internal sores
    7. Zedoria rhizoma (E zhu) – strong cytotoxic against tumor cells 3, Dissolves accumulations, obstruction, epigastric and abdominal fullness, anti-inflammatory
    8. Plantago semen asiatica (Che Qian zi) – reduces uric acid (gout), treat liver disease, stomach problems, and urinary system inflammation
    9. Amber (hu po) – relieves congestion, anxiety, stress, promotes circulation, remove blood stagnation, alleviates fluid retention, relieves difficult urination, eliminate kidney and urinary stones


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