Chinese Herbs for Blood Pressure


  • Balances blood pressure.
  • Unclogs cholesterol
  • Allows artery, vein & capillary walls natural flexibility thus releasing pressure.
  • Tonifies and encourages blood cleansing of fats thus prevents stroke.
  • Combines well in combination with Heart Comfort aiding your heart region to normalize
  • Allows you to relax and be more at the emotional center


  • Fruit of Hawthorn : It is the fruit of a deciduous shrub.

Effects: Improves digestion, removes retention of food and indigestion due excess meat grease.

  • Seed of Cassia : It is the ripe seed of Cassiatora L. (leguminosae).

Effects : removes heat from the liver, improves clarity of vision, moistens the bowels. Promotes blood circulation while removing  greasy stasis.

  • Lotus Leaf : Leave of Nelumbo Caertn. (folium)

Effects : Clears the heat, inflammation making way for vitality.

  • Root of Astragalus : root of Astragalus Membraceus Bge

Effects : Improves energy, reinforces the stomach, consolidates superficial resistance swelling and relieves constipation.


  • Dr. Stuart Marmorstein, D.C.


    “From what I have seen in my own practice, Heart Comfort and Hawthorne Comfort take the health-conscious people
    to an even higher level of performance and wellness…”

    Ru Ling Meng, Senior Research Scientist

    “My triglycerride dropped to 190 mg…Finally, a formula that works.”



Herbal Supplement Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any diseases. The information here is not provided by medical (allopathic) professionals and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician before beginning any course of treatment. However, billions of people have used these products without complication. These herbal formulas have been used in conjunction with allopathic medical regimen, successfully without interference in the restorative process.

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