This formula balances the blood pressure. Unclogs cholesterol. Allows artery, vein & capillary walls natural flexibility thus releasing pressure. Tonifies and encourages blood cleansing of fats thus prevents stroke. Combines well with Heart Comfort.


  1. Fruit of Hawthorn: It is the fruit of a deciduous shrub. Effects: Improving digestion, removing retention of food and indigestion of meat greasy. Indications: indigestion and retention of food, indigestion of meat, abdominal distention.
  2. Seed of Cassia: It is the ripe seed of Cassiatora L. (leguminosae). Effects: removing heat from the leaver, improving acuity of vision, moistening the bowels. Promoting blood circulation and removing blood greasy stasis.
  3. Lotus Leaf: Leave of Nelumbo Caertn. (folium) Effect: Clear the heat, rising the clear Yang.
  4. Root of Astragalus: It is the root of a perennial herbal Astragalus Membraceus Bge (legurninosae) Effects: Toning Qi, lifting the sunken Yang, reinforcing the stomach, consolidating superficial resistance swelling and relieving constipation.
  5. Large bottle: 400 pills    Medium bottle: 200 pills     Dose: The first 2 days, take a double dose of 8 Lg. pills, 3 times per day (3 doses) in the morning, afternoon and evening. Afterwards, take 1 pill per 40 lbs. body weight, 3 times per day. So for a 160 lb. person, 4 Lg. pills per dose would be recommended unless otherwise directed.

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