Constipation Comfort master formula cools the lower region of his body with an emphasis on the Descending colon. The formula moistens and cools  elimination thus alleviating your constipation. In addition, the formula's ingredients re-invigorates the elimination tract so normal rhythmic contraction and lubrication is re-established. Instead of once a week, you will have a regular BM daily. Once you pass the initial waste then you will be more regular.


Benefits: Constipation with dry/difficult to expel stools along with frequent urination


Cease taking if loose stools continues after all elimination has passed.



  1. Hemp seed-Moistens and nourishes the intestines - constipation in the elderly, aftermath of a febrile disease, postpartum, and in cases of blood deficiency. Mildly nourishes yin - constipation with yin deficiency. Clears heat - promotes healing of sores (orally or topically). Contains acceptable, less than 2% levels of THC.
  2. Paeonia-Nourishes the blood and regulates menstrual problems due to blood deficiency (pale, lusterless complexion and nails) - menstrual dysfunction. Calms liver energy alleviates pain from constrained liver energy or imbalance between the liver and the spleen due to liver energy heat rising - cramping and spasms (limbs and abdomen), abdominal pain from dysentery, headache and dizziness.
  3. Citrus-Breaks up energy stagnation, reduces accumulations, transforms phlegm - epigastric or abdominal pain and distention or indigestion w/focal distention or gas. Directs energy downward and unblocks bowels - frequently used for abdominal pain and constipation by accumulation and stagnant energy. Transforms phlegm and expels focal. Used with energy tonifying herbs for the prolapse of organs.
  4. Rheum-Drains heat and purges accumulations - high fever, profuse sweating, thirst, constipation, abdominal distention and pain, delirium. Drains damp-heat via the stool - jaundice, dysentery. Invigorates the blood and dispels blood stasis - amenorrhea, abdominal masses, fixed pain due to blood stasis (recent and long-term blood stasis). Clears heat and reduces fire toxicity - for burns, hot skin. Drains heat from the blood - blood in the stool from bleeding hemorrhoids or heat in the intestine; vomiting blood or nosebleed accompanied by constipation; painful eyes or fire toxin sores due to heat in the blood level.
  5. Magnolia-Promotes movement of energy, transforms dampness, resolves stagnation - dampness in spleen/stomach, food stagnation, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal distention (*important herb for this). Warms and transforms phlegm and directs dysfunctional lung energy downward - wheezing, phlegm with coughing, stifling sensation in the chest.
  6. Armeniaca seed-Moistens the intestines, unblocks the bowels.



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