Diverticular Comfort relieves the following conditions:

  1. crampy to extreme pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen
  2. bloating
  3. constipation
  4. tenderness in the lower left side of the abdomen
  5. pain that has only been resolved by narcotics/synthetic narcotics

The most common sign on examination is tenderness in the lower left side of the abdomen. Usually, the pain is severe and comes on suddenly, but it can also be mild and become worse over several days. The intensity of the pain can fluctuate. A person may experience cramping, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, or a change in bowel habits.


  1. Rhei
  2. Moutan
  3. Persicae
  4. Benincasae
  5. Corydalis
  6. Toosendan
  7. Auklandiae

Large bottle: 200 capsules Medium bottle: 90 capsules Dose: Take 3 doses from early morning, afternoon and early evening. Take 1 capsule per 50 lbs. body weight. So for a 160 lb. person, 3 capsules per dose would be recommended.


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