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ADULT REVIVE is a longevity herbs formula which rebuilds the immune system. Adult Revive rejuvenates the elderly debilitated person with chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, blood sugar imbalance, impotence, tinitis, night sweats, nephritis (skin itch), circulation deterioration with cold replacement.


  1.  Strengthens the immune system
  2. Noticeable energy for elderly
  3. Stabilizes blood pressure
  4. Stabilizes blood sugar
  5. Nourishes the kidneys and their functions
  6. Stops ringing in the ears
  7. Suppresses root cause of cough response
  8. Supports blood flow to genitalia
  9. Drains heat via natural diuretic functions
  10. Stabilizes equilibrium
  11. Calms the heart and spirit
  12. Balances the menstrual cycle
  13. Analgesic qualities via ki balance
  14. Alleviates shock symptoms
  15. Harmonizes internal organs
  16. Energizes and assists appetite
  17. Invigorates blood and lymphatic system
  18. Brings color to the skin
  19. Improves learning, retardation in children
  20. Best overall tonic for elderly Please notify the store whether you have cold or warm hands and/or feet.


The formula has been around more than 500 years. This is due to the fact for the purposes of senior longevity, it was concluded that the formula was superior and could not be improved upon. Of course with all formulas, the diet can defeat the benefits. It is very important to learn from the herbalist, the correct diet that works for your body type or constitution.


Rehmanniae – Tonifies the blood, energizes the elderly
Cornii – Stabilizes the kidneys, retains the essence, assists rising energy
Dioscoreae – Tonifies spleen, stomach, kidney stabilizes & binds, yin and yang
Poriae – Promotes urination, strengthens spleen, harmonizes middle burner, calms the overall body
Moutan – Clears heat & cools blood, invigorates blood, dispels stasis
Alismatis – Promotes urination–stagnation due to dampness especially in lower body, drains kidney heat

Large bottle: 800 pills Medium bottle: 400 pills Dose: Take 3 doses from early morning, afternoon and early evening. Take 1 pill per 20 lbs. body weight. So for a 160 lb. person, 8 pills per dose would be recommended


Large, Medium


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