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Yunnan Baiyao disperses blood stasis and hemostasis, activates blood circulation, alleviates pain, swelling reduction, detoxification, used in treatment of traumatic injury, spitting blood, hemorrhage, excess bleeding of all kinds, skin infections.


“Vets” recommend Yunnan Baiyao regularly in Houston, Texas and the US. Dogs, cats, horses and many other pets benefits from the anti-hemorrhage, blood flow challenges, etc. We keep Yunnan Baiyao in stock for our customers and veterinarians. The master formula reduces blood loss and encourages healing among its many benefits.


For the treatment of external wounds (cuts, tumors etc.) simply open up one capsule (250 mg) and sprinkle the contents onto the affected area.

We advise that owners to not use the medicine every single day to avoid the slim possibility of liver imbalance. Instead we recommend using the medicine 6 days a week with 1 day rest.


The exact formula is a closely guarded secret.

  1. Panax pseudoginseng
  2. Dryobalanops aromarica
  3. Gaertn hula coppa DC.
  4. Lycopodium complanatum L.
  5. Dioscorea opposita Thunb
  6. Alpinia o~cinarum Hawe
  7. Erodium stephanianum Wild

“Progesterone is in the formula, in addition to several saponins, alkaloids and calcium phosphate.”
There are more ingredients which are kept secret by the manufacturer for proprietary reasons.


The box contains 16 capsules

Dosage: A 40 lb dog would receive two 250 mg capsules two times daily, or for superficial wounds one 250 mg capsule opened and sprinkled onto the area.


Considered in China to be as famous as Penicillin in the US, Yunnan BaiYao is the most famous of the patent remedies in China. Many trauma patients, people and owners of pets report this formula with superior results. Its has stopped bleeding on the “killing fields in Asia.

Yunnan Baiyao was formulated by Qu Huanzhang, a Chinese medicine herbalist of Yunnan, in 1916. It has been declared that the original formulation was modified to some degree during the cultural revolution when the factory owners were pressured to yield their secrets and reveal the active ingredients. Regular larger-scale production of the product started around 1956 at the Yunnan Paiyao Factory, which was expanded in 1971. There are records that North Vietnamese troops were found possessing Yunnan Paiyao as a battlefield remedy for bleeding injuries throughout the 1970’s. The initial Chinese research study on Yunnan Pai Yao began in the beginning of the 1980s.

During a visit I made to China in 1983, our organization asked several Chinese experts about protected patent medicines, inquiring as to what was considered the best one: Yunnan Paiyao was famous and highly regarded, receiving the symbolic thumbs-up endorsement. The product gained the attention of physicians in Chinese hospitals and multiple medical research centers; its use in these locations continues to the present. The increased interest in this product was emphasized by review articles published in a Yunnan Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine and in the Bulletin of Chinese Materia Medica in 1986, listing dozens of applications. The factory began preparing of several additional easy-to-use forms at that time.

For volume purchases call. Usually:

  • 2 boxes @ $15
  • 3 boxes @ $14
  • 5 boxes @ $13
  • 7 boxes @ $12
  • 10 boxes+ @ $10


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