Prostate Comfort contains the best prostate herbs for men based on research of all the major herbal remedy systems of the world. This formula dispels prostate inflammation within 72 hours or sooner. The prostate herbs formula usually works for tumor conditions within 60-90 days. The typical environment surrounding the prostate is a damp-heat and toxic condition. The formula counters the damp aspects of the lower body with Chinese herbs that leach the excess toxic fluids. The hot element in this condition are displaced by Chinese herbs which present cooling to the lower region. This change as well as an accompanying diet which cools and expels toxic fluids eradicates the inflammatory and tumorous environment, completely.



Every three minutes a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer. That’s approximately 198,000 men every year. 31,500 will die. Yes, those are frightening statistics. However, you don’t have to be a victim. Take control of your own health. Arm yourself with the ultimate battle plan for preventing and conquering this rampant killer of men. The most common complaints by men with prostate problems and more serious conditions are:

  • frequent urination
  • dribbling
  • enlarged prostate gland
  • prostate discomfort after urination and intercourse
  • painful intercourse
  • inflamed prostate
  • prostate tumor
  • additional Prostate problems

The formula nourishes the kidneys, dispels the dampness and heat, promotes normal urination, helps to alleviate prostate inflammation. The prostate herbs for men formula is preferred for frequent urination, dribbling urination, enlarged prostate gland, prostate discomfort after urination and/or intercourse.

Prostate Comfort Ingredients: 

hu po, plantago semen, zedoria rhizoma, patrina, oldenlandia, phellodendron, teraxacum, lycopus, astragalus

This prostate herbs formula has consistently cleared the toxic elements necessary for a healthy prostate in early and intermediate stages of mutation. More information about Prostate Comfort for Men.

Amount:  400 Large pills                                                                                                   Dose:  First 2 days, take 8-10 pills, 3 times per day, then 4-5 pills, 3 times per day for 2 months minimum.


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