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Reduce Stress in your Life

CORTISOL Comfort optimizes stress reduction, digestion & elimination, seeps water retention, mobilizes fat stasis from arteries, veins, capillaries and digestive tract. Tunes the internal organs to metabolize efficiently without any stimulant properties. Clears toxins in skin, blood, and intestines. The formula decreases the hunger pangs to manageable levels.

For tension reduction, emotional eating, overweight, constipation, high blood pressure problems, hunger pangs, CORTISOL Comfort Master Formula increases the secretion of bile, a key substance that burns fat. Thus it burns unwanted fat, reducing fat reserve and keeping it at a balanced level.  It regulates the balance between water and electrolyte, enhancing absorption and metabolization. It improves blood circulation, removes blood stasis, improve blood viscosity, delays the formation of cholesterol and blood-lipids.

CORTISOL Comfort optimizes your metabolism of fat and discharges the residual through all of your elimination systems. Therefore, one loses weight without noticing it. During the course of the remedy, you do not have to go on a diet, only remember to eat less oily food; you do not have to do excessive exercise either, just maintain normal activities. Cortisol Comfort will give you a slim and healthy figure without causing you any discomfort.

We always recommend eating a low carb, low  sugar (low glycemic), little to no cheese in your diet.

Dose: 3 capsules, 3 times per day (160 lb. person)

Ingredients: Amorphophallus

Precautions: Stay away from fatty, sweet and oily food. Stop taking the formula when you reach the desired weight. Over taken may lead to an unpleasant bony figure.


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