Paramalin kills parasites. Paramalin is a complete formula for eradicating parasites within the body that are draining reserves of energy. This anti-parasitic master formula effectively expels roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and pinworms, blood flukes & fasciolopsis, etc.

Classical formulas were combined with other herbs to purge heat from the liver and gall bladder and damp heat from the three main areas of body heat-lower abdomen, solar plexis and chest areas. Ingest for rising liver heat which results in headaches, red and burning eyes, sore throat, mouth sores due to rising heat, tinitis (ringing ears), limited urination or constipation.

Parasites excrete toxins, which are poisonous to our bodies. When these materials overload the body, they leach out our nutrients for their multiplication purposes, causing symptoms of illness. When our immune system is strong, our white blood cells will devour the foreign microbes. Paramalin strengthens the immune system process.

This formula eradicates extreme hot conditions within the body which include:

  • extreme fever
  • extreme menopause
  • summertime menopause
  • extreme hot flash
  • extreme hot wave
  • acne
  • parasites
  • staph (MRSA)
  • chronic sores
  • stops urinary tract
  • soothes & ends genital itch
  • kills gonococcal bacteria
  • cessates vaginal inflammation,
  • kills viral conditions
    (herpes simplex/herpes zoster)
  • reduces hyperthyroidism


Combine with other topical formulas on the skin-Itchmalin, Pearl Cream


In my practice, I have found that about 25% of women and men have to deal with extra  body heat beyond the typical menopausal/manopausal characteristics. The reason for this is that there is more toxicity or stress to overcome. In this case, Paramalin contains the coldest herbs. Those herbs are essential for countering the excess body heat created in the liver in stress. Living in today's civilization, more and more cases are showing up. When extreme cases of the above  conditions present, Paramalin is the most powerful, cooling, master formula in the world. I know this may sound bold, maybe even arrogant, but this is just the facts.


Gentiana - Its two primary actions are cooling heat from excess in the Liver and Gallbladder and clearing the lower body from damp-heat. Benefits: swelling or pain in the scrotum, genital pruritus, vaginal discharge, or painful urinary dribbling disorder with turbid, cloudy urine,  red eyes, deafness and tinnitus, costal pain, bitter taste, and childhood convulsions.

Scutellariae - Its bitterness dries dampness, and coldness clears heat; these are two attributes whose actions focus primarily on the Lungs, and somewhat less directly on the Large Intestine. Benefits: persistent irritability with fever in febrile disorders, damp-heat focal distention, jaundice, diarrhea, and dysenteric disorders due to damp-heat.

Gardenia:  cools extreme heat in the Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Liver, and all heat generating centers, eliminates hot irritability, warm pathogen diseases with agitation and insomnia. Benefits: clears damp-heat, jaundice, urinary difficulty,  pain in the cardiac region, dissipates pent-up heat, and mobilizes obstructed energy and chest heat.

Alismatis - Its cold qualities overcomes heat, assists the Kidney to eliminate damp-heat in the lower body, emphasis on the bladder function. Benefits: urinary difficulty with burning pain and dark urine, dizziness and vertigo due to water and thin mucus in the epigastrium; edema and diarrhea due to pathogenic and stagnant water; spermatorrhea and tinnitus.

Mutong - unblocks, facilitate the removal of pathogenic water, clear and direct downward. It clears heat from the Heart and Lungs, Small Intestine and Bladder, drives damp-heat through the urine. Thus, it directs heat downward and promotes urination. Benefits: painful urination, painful bloody urinary dribbling, ulcers of the mouth and tongue, irritability, red eyes, edema, and yellowish vaginal discharge and swelling due to internal congestion of damp-heat. Promote energy and blood flow. unblocking lactation, amenorrhea due to blood stasis in the lower body. It also alleviates swelling and pain in the joints from obstruction of the collaterals throughout the body.

Plantaganinus -  leaches out dampness, clear heat, and guide damp-heat downward and out through urine. Unblocks painful urinary dribbling; clears Lung heat and transforms turbid phlegn; clears Liver heat which improves eye disorders. Benefits:  painful urinary dribbling, oliguria, summerheat dampness leading to diarrhea, cough due to Lung heat, red, burning eyes due to Liver heat, and damp-heat causing painful obstruction disorder.

Angelica - moistens dryness and lubricates the Intestines, moistens all the organs. Tonifies the blood and regulates the menses, Invigorates and harmonizes the blood and disperses cold.       Benefits: Reduces swelling, expels pus, generates flesh, and alleviates pain: used in treating sores and abscesses.

Rehmanniae - drains heat in the blood, Heart , Liver.  Clears heat. Benefits: ceases insatiable thirst, hot flashes , bleeding or rashes due to heat in the blood. It is often recommended whenever there is exhaustion of energy, deficiency of blood, or insufficient fluids.

Bupleurium - heat-clearing action, particularly for eliminating a pathogen on the right side of the body. Benefits: clears chills and fever,  prolapse or diarrhea resulting from the sinking of right side body energy, distending pain in the chest and flanks, menstrual irregularity, skin conditions, and infirmity of the eye and ear.

Glycyrrhizae - Enters all 12 channels (meridians) via the Heart, Lung, Spleen and Stomach channels.
Unprepared: it is cooling and drains fire and resolves toxicity; educes swollen sores, eases sore throat, dispels urinary tract pain. Prepared: it tonifies the energy of the Spleen and Heart. It is warming and tonifies the middle. Its primary actions are to tonify the Spleen and augment the body's energy, moistens the Lungs and stop coughs, moderate acuteness or urgency (such as acute pain).
Benefits: Invigorates the spleen, improves the energy, weakness, short breath, poor appetite, exhaustion, loose stools. Replenishes the blood and balances the pulse. Stops coughing. Anchors lung  health. Clears heat, toxicity for mouth and throat sores, pain and spasms in the legs and abdomen. Harmonizes cold and hot as well as any toxicity. Opens up all the channels thus serves to transport other herbal effects to all parts of the body. Antidote for many toxic  substances, inside and outside the body.


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