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Paramalin- “Coldest Natural Herbal Formula in the World”

Paramalin cools the liver while energizing its filtration function. This cleanses blood while interrupting the rising heat from the liver to the top of the head. Heat rises! The path from the liver to the top of the head is cooled so all organs and tissues can function in a desired balanced environment.

The formula also clears rising heat in the gall bladder.

The herbs in the formula create coldness in the liver thus cools the blood which in turns cools the whole body. The goal is to achieve a normal temperature within the body. However, most clients have been hot for a prolonged time which requires the liver and the whole body to be cooled until the liver can be maintained at a normal temperature v. a feverish state. Once this state is achieved then a client may need to take daily (usually before sleep) a maintenance dose or cease usage to test whether the state is anchored. This process relieves many conditions naturally without a serious side effect:

  1. eliminates unwanted microbes (parasites, invasive bacterium, virus)
  2. menopause and extreme menopause
  3. inflammation
  4. insomnia (sleep disturbance)
  5. body sores
  6. acne
  7. headache
  8. dizziness
  9. chest pain
  10. bloodshot and sore eyes
  11. loss of hearing
  12. irritability
  13. quick-tempered
  14. dry throat
  15. difficult urination
  16. swelling and itchiness in the genital region
  17. strong smelling vaginal discharge
  18. pain in the hypochondriac region
  19. pain from active herpes or urinary tract infection
  20. vaginal infection
  21. drains the liver of pus and pollution


  1. Gentiana
  2. Alisma
  3. Bupleurum
  4. Scutellaria
  5. Gardenia
  6. Plantago
  7. Akebia 
  8. Angelica
  9. Glycyrrhiza


1 pill 20 lbs. body weight. (ask your herbalist)


Medium bottle: 400 pills   Large bottle: 800 pills

Consult the herbalist for exact dose per your body’s needs.


Large, Medium


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