When all else fails! Diarrhea Comfort naturally stops bad cases of diarrhea within 12-24 hours. 100% natural herbal product. Relieves lower colon pain. Restores the lower colon’s blood supply and energy. This formula warms up the lower colon tract. Diarrhea Comfort feeds the intestinal tract, opens up the channels, providing needed nutrients enabling the process of healthy elimination. By bringing warmth to the transverse and descending colon, the formula dries matter thus re-instating a normal bowel movement (rate and solidity).
More: Alleviates stomach aches, food poisoning, vomiting, water contamination (Montezuma’s revenge), runny bowels warning of diarrhea and soft stool.


  • pitch oil
  • gambir leaves and young sprig
  • corktree bark
  • Chinese liquorice root
  • Mandarin orange peel

Bottle contents: Lg. 400 pills
Dose: Adults – 1 pill per 40 lbs, 3 times per day. Extreme cases discuss with the master herbalist.


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