Master formula for ear ringing relief (tinnitus). Resolves in 90 MINUTES. This formula nourishes tired kidneys. It reduces the ascending heat from the liver. It opens the apertures of the ears. It replenishes both the liver and kidney’s essence. The formula is very beneficial to hearing loss of the elderly.

Specific ailments corrected: ear ringing, hearing difficulty, loss of hearing, vertigo, irritability, insomnia, blurred vision, dry mouth, red eyes.

Contraindications: Not for a person who has a “cold” or flu, fever, loose stools.

Large bottle: 800 pills Medium bottle: 400 pills Dose: Take 3 doses from early morning, afternoon and early evening. Take 1 pill per 20 lbs. body weight. So for a 160 lb. person, 8 pills per dose would be recommended. We also have larger pills which cuts the dosage in half.

It is beneficial to you to have an assessment done as to the source of your ear ringing condition. Without this assessment, it becomes a good guess at best. Once you know the source, then adjustments to formula may be needed and maybe a custom formula required. Please see Online Evaluation to support your recovery. Its free!

There are 2 basic conditions that contribute to ear ringing. They are excess and deficiency conditions. The excess type has to do with lifestyle choices (diet, emotional challenges, etc. ). Too much of anything can breakdown the body’s balance and shows up as a hearing disturbance. The deficiency type relates to the opposite occurring. In other words, insufficient nutrition, life stress, aging can decrease energy reserves where the body’s organs don’t function well thus indirectly causing hearing function obstruction. These two basic conditions have variations that need to be assessed so the first formula we give you has optimal results and provides you the ear ringing relief, you need.

While the formula above works with most people, there are exceptions which have been determined by Chinese medicine herbalists over the last 2500 years.


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