Longevity Mountain Wellness provides a nurturing environment through:

  • Raindrop Therapy (Essential Oils)
  • Acu-Stim Therapy (MPS)
  • Massage Therapies (Medical)
  • More: Colon Hydrotherapy, Chinese medicine, Iridology, Naturopathy, Nutrition, etc.
In our modern society, we all need relief from our busy lives, stress and strained relationships which contribute to developing ailments that plague mankind. The mission of the Wellness Center is to provide solutions that help a person to balance and educate so clients can maintain their balance in their everyday lives.
Longevity Mountain Wellness Center maintains a life-sustaining environment which provides an anchor for those desiring to establish  a life extending lifestyle that provides a quality life rather than life survival – a life free from pain, disturbance and exhaustion. At Longevity Mountain Wellness, we have come to know that life when valued can be enjoyed in the later years and that we are committed to sharing that value with you.


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