Neck & Shoulder Comfort formula contains Chinese herbs for neck and shoulder pain. The formula composition relieves pain in the neck, upper shoulder and upper back. The formula increases circulation and energy where it has become vacant due to a stressful lifestyle, poor dietary choices, excessive exercise, etc.  In particular, the formula nourishes kidney and liver and its relation or channel to the neck and upper back. Pain is dispelled in the tendons and joints of this region due to improved circulation.

Millions of people suffering in this area of the body know the comfort and relief provided. This formula has existed for a long time because it is effective. Usually most people find relief in 60-90 minutes. Neck & Shoulder Comfort is an excellent addition to body manipulation practices such as chiropractic and massage therapies.


  1. achyranthes
  2. raphanus
  3. ligusticum
  4. millettia
  5. drynaria
  6. cistanche
  7. epimedium
  8. cibotium
  9. rehmannia

When you need a fast acting formula based on an herbalist rating of the best Chinese herbs for neck and shoulder pain then this formula resolves the poor circulation and deficient energy essential for normal neck and shoulder function. This herbal remedy is especially beneficial for upper back pain where cold has entered due to the same concerns (poor circulation and deficient energy).

Amount: 400 Tablets (Pills may be substituted when available)          Dose:   Take 5 tablets, 3 times per day


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