Top 10 Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Top 10 Benefits of Chinese Herb Medicine

Top 10 Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM)

Longevity Mountain Herbs provides advanced Chinese herb medicine with many benefits that have not been shared until now. I think many Chinese Medicine practitioners would agree that the benefits of Chinese medicine herbs need to be revealed by us rather than depend on conventional medicine writers to spell out the truth. They do their best but seasoned practitioners who have seen many cases can really help to share what is only secret because we haven’t taken the time from our practices to share. Here are ten (10) benefits and I know there are more but this is a good beginning point.   

1. Chinese Herbal Medicine - Advanced Natural Medicine Practice (2500+ Years)

Someone needs to say this even though at first it may sound arrogant. Chinese Herb Medicine formulas have been developed from 2-5K years of observation, study and practice to ensure the combinations are more potent for impacting an ailment. Chinese medicine is more advanced than other herb systems due to their country preserving their knowledge libraries longer than other countries. The “Wall of China” was built to keep invaders out and so it follows, Chinese medicine was preserved where one herbalist could add to the prior herbal forefather. Generations of Chinese herbal medicine preserved for other nations to access. 

2. Chinese Herbology is Safe – (GMP certification, lab tests, herbalist check)

For the last 20 years+, Chinese herb manufacturers, all over the world, have sought certification to guaranty product quality, purity and safety. Strict

GMP cert ribbon

adherence to Good Manufacturing Procedure GMP guidelines, finds and labels pure and contaminated product for proper disposition. Product safety is in the interest of manufacturers, since herbalists and retailers are assessing product and quick feedback is provided by their clients. Chinese Medicine Herbalist in the US can and do filter and clean herbs, if needed and desired.

In 1992, FDA inspections found that a couple of Chinese manufacturers, out of thousands, were including a couple of pharmaceutical drugs in their formulation. These were seized which highly alerted the rest of the Chinese manufacturing community. As a result, that community has policed themselves and allowed more checks. There are regulatory agencies on multiple sides of herb purchases. For instance, 1) Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare’s (MOHW) Department of Chinese Herbal Medicine is responsible for the regulation of Chinese herb medicine, 2) FDA (USA) Food and Drug Administration, regulates all Chinese herbs for contamination, banned substances for safety and the survival of threatened species. 3) European Parliament issued the Medicine Directive known as Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products (THMPD)  regulates the safety and efficacy of all traditional herbal medicine products intended for human use. This agency allowed for all established supplements to be submitted for review. Germany contributed considerable guidance in this process. Governments all over world have stepped in developing reasonable processes for understanding this re-emerging medicine outside of Asia. 

3. Chinese Herb Medicine Impacts the Root Cause Resolving Multiple Ailments

It is another worth-mentioning benefit of Chinese medicine herbs. Chinese medicine is concerned with the underlying systemic cause several layers deep as opposed to the direct cause superficially. If a patient has the flu then Chinese herbal medicine will focus on the cause of the flu and solutions which remedy that condition on deep and intermediate levels thus resolving the surface complaint. So in relation to the flu, there is the nasal drainage, fever, coughing, sore throat and congested chest with pain. Whereas conventional medicine would attempt to kill microbes that were spreading in the body with antibiotics, Chinese herb medicine would provide gentler herb formula known for cooling the liver which when hot and feverish creates an environment for bacterial proliferation. Much like the equator where plants, insects and microbes are more numerous, the herbalist moves the body into a North or South pole state where live invaders are less active and numerous. This cooling strategy activates the liver to a neutral or balanced condition where all the conditions noted above, clear out. This action can happen quickly when the original cause is remedied. Many ailments are understood in Chinese medicine as having a root derivation.  

4. Chinese Herb Medicine has Fewer Side Effects

Side effects are not a matter to worry about and it is one of the prime benefits of Chinese medicine herbs. They produce fewer side effects when compared to mainstream pharmaceutical drugs. Herb medicine will work with concentration levels of one to rare cases of ten. In other words, herb teas are developed and then reduced usually to a concentration level of four (4). The process happens by removing the water out of the tea with the ruffage or remains of the plant material, etc. This makes the solution 4 times more impactful than the original material. When proper Chinese medicine assessment is conducted then the likelihood of side effects is nil. When you increase the concentration level to 50 to 5000 times as the case with pharmaceuticals then the risk of side effects is greater. The necessity of research, lab testing and knowledgeable medical management is essential. Chinese herb medicine includes herbs in the formula for subtle side effects in its formulation.     

5. Many CHM Formulas Relieve Imbalances in 60-90 minutes

When a seasoned Chinese medicine practitioner assesses and knows his Chinese herb formula very surprising results occur. This is especially true in deficiency conditions. Problems with low energy, joint pain, digestive pain, reflux and bloating, heart and circulation, fertility/ED, ceases bleeding, specific organ dysfunction and athletic performance, to name a few, can improve noticeably in a very short time. It is of course one of the admirable benefits of Chinese medicine herbs. This is especially beneficial to people considering surgery as well as post medical procedures. 

6. CHM has Proven its Effectiveness Many Times Over

The claim that Chinese medicine herbal formula is “not evidence based, not proven effective, lacks research with extreme claims that its dangerous, and so on may be true. However, even with many of the valuable drugs manufactured which claim to be evidenced based, etc. have many serious problems too which most of know and need to be resolved and pray it happens soon. Nevertheless, Chinese medicine has worked for hundreds of millions of people for many centuries and sustains globally. It has been so beneficial that other medicinal practices have taken one specific field of Chinese medicine, focused a lifetime of study and renamed it as their brand. One such case are originators of Chiropractic medicine who studied Chinese Body Manipulation. They were exceptional in sharing Chinese medicine with a less threatening brand and have helped so many people. Medical researchers need to communicate with seasoned herbalists who have discerned the top 10% of CHM formulas that are effective. So, with the 2 largest practices of medicine (Allopathic, Chinese Medicine) improvement is needed and both can help each other. I think it is important to raise up the whole native peoples of the world herbal practice and their contribution to where we are now. Ayurvedic medicine knowledge is worth regarding, since it too, has a long history.                     

7. CHM has Demonstrated Results for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Some writers from the conventional medicine side have claimed that the Chinese Herb medicine is somewhat basic and good for light ailments. I guess this would seem so if your understanding and exposure was of a beginning level and you were reading introductory material. Then again, as you progress through the more advanced sources, you’ll realize that herbalists were studying the cause and effect of herbs and formulas on hundreds and probably conditions or syndromes over the last 2500 years. Just about every ailment has been addressed looking at not just one cause but accounting for all the different body types, their varied responses, and adaptive formulas with additional strategies to attain homeostasis. Many of the Chinese medicine formulas also improve the psychological state, meditative consciousness, emotional balance, memory, and concentration while activating physical wellness. And many users enjoy one of the best benefits of Chinese medicine herbs. For instance, Gui pi wan, is very valuable for restoring reproductive organs for a woman. Furthermore, its beneficial for concentration, memory and for increasing emotional stability and the spirit of hope. A lot of Chinese medicine has been hidden by the “old school” herbalists. A little at a time has been revealed to trusted apprentices. The private oral tradition with “book learning” has gradually yielded better results, more noticeably, in the last 20 years.    

8. CMH Assessment Perceives Subtle Conditions Before They Become Serious

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The discussion will be incomplete if we don’t talk about one of the best benefits of Chinese medicine herbs. Chinese medicine uses sensitive manual diagnostics to pick up on imbalances. Many clients are turned away in conventional medicine with no medical label, hypochondriacal disorder in the early stages or post treatment with no results. It’s not the fault of the practitioner. The diagnostics have not reached the subtle level of the trained TCH practitioner in detecting early characteristics of a developing ailment and many diagnoses yet to be defined. The herbalist can see patterns of imbalance in the body via body observation, eye, tongue, pulse analysis, and so forth. This assessment allows us to drill down to the root cause. The explanation gives the practitioner a head start and strategy to resolve the client’s complaint whereas before, no direction. For instance, constant fatigue, stomach pain, reflux, depression etc. The herbalist will look for the interrelationships known from past vast knowledge, tongue color, pulse beat and intensity, etc., voice, face markings and color, history and so on. All this tells the herbalist where the underneath problem stems from and the best stratagem for recovery. By the way, with today’s tech, pictures can be sent, significant others can participate, all on our screens, if the client likes.         


9. Chinese Medicine Herbalists Acknowledge the Seasons & Climate's Influence

The sustaining principle here is to maintain balance or homeostasis throughout all four seasons. For example, if the human body increased its internal temperature during the    Summer and that heat disturbed the body’s organs into an overheated condition then the CHM herbalist will activate the body to cool via herbal and food therapies, etc. During the Winter, the herbalist prescribes warming herbs, spices, food and teas to increase the body’s heat so balance is re-establish. Regarding climate, when an individual lives in a damp-hot environment such as Southern USA along the Gulf of Mexico, Chinese master herbalists know that the environment transforms the human body into a swamp-like (damp-heat) state. To counter this imbalance and all of its related disorders, herbalists cool and reduce obstructed fluids. Prostate, reproductive organs, intestinal elimination tend have health challenges when prolonged. “Southerners” who prefer the climate can really benefit from the relief that accompanies this weather. Elderly people who live in the North USA or Canada who find their body gets cold with the usual joint pain will usually find the South freeing from this debility. Now when an individual prefers to reside or cannot leave a climate then Chinese herbology can change those conditions anywhere from 90 minutes to a week.         

10. Chinese Medicine has Taught Us How to Live a Longevity Lifestyle

Chinese herbal medicine

Finally, one of the best benefits of Chinese medicine herbs needs a mention.

The study of longevity has long been a concern of the Chinese dating all the way back to the “Yellow Emperor” (3-5000 B.C.) who proclaimed that all Chinese needed to practice healthy behaviors for the benefit of nation and culture and, ultimately, best for the people and their happiness. Basic strategies for a long full life are:

  • Eating natural food full of nutrients in the appropriate season, not overcooked. Eat meat sparingly, more veggies in great recipes, low sugar fruit, Quinoa and other nutritious grains, nuts and seeds, beans (azuki), etc.
  • Sleep at the beneficial time so your organs rejuvenate. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory’s 24-hour circadian clock, best time to go to bed is around 9-10:30 pm. Get up around 7-8 hrs. later. Multiple sleep positions (except front) are beneficial to the circulatory system with an emphasis on the left side. 
  • Exercise: Last 1/3 of life learn energy amassing activities that do not overexert. Tai chi, Qigong, yoga, walking, stretching, light swimming, light resistance training, hiking etc. Exercise intensity is determined by your vitality and wellness.
  • Avoid stress, learn to rest, meditate, still your mind where its your friend not eating you alive, read a religious or spiritual book, pray, gratitude.
  • Surround yourself with good, positive people that support and understand you.
  • Do something creative that brings you joy and freedom – arts, gardening, teaching, “giving back” or “pay it forward”, create together a labyrinth, activities for kids/elderly kids 😊, help a neighbor, your dreams on a smaller scale.
  • Drink tea that balances you. Green and white tea cools (Summer), ginger or cinnamon tea warms (Winter), Oolong tea and Chai (Fall) and citrus fruits, mint for Spring. There are no side effects and your body will move easier into neutral or balance.
  • Drink water regularly that is naturally mineralized instead of processed drinks. Put a small chunk of pink Himalayan salt in filtered water.     

Consider Chinese herb formula for regular digestion, reflux and irritable bowel concerns. These formulas can balance you until you stabilize your diet.

In summary, these top 10 benefits of Chinese medicine herbs the practitioners know but probably only share 1 on 1 with clients, need to be shared with the world at large. This writing is not to say Chinese medicine is better but that it needs to be considered for its contribution to the health restoration industry. Maybe a second look at Chinese medicine from other treatment fields will join us further towards our mutually, shared goal-we want what is best for the client.  

Mark Hammer CMH-III

Mark Hammer CMH-III

Senior Master Herbalist with Longevity Mountain Herbs serving thousands of clients since 1993. I have enjoyed working with every client. The challenging clients have only made my practice an adventure which I never gave up except a few that I knew to hand over to the passionate expert. After 30+ years, I remember the teachings of my teacher's father and his father before him.

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