Chinese Herbal Remedies Prove Most Effective For Correcting Chronic Fatigue Problems in Houston, TX

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Traditional Chinese herbs are the most reliable natural remedy for Chronic Fatigue. Houston locals have an opportunity to discover the best of natural medicine that is not always available in other cities.  Thousands of years of observation, research study, assessing, with validated results have indeed produced a system which has a very deep impact in/on the body by resolving ailments at the root cause. Chinese herbal formulas are carefully created remedies which are most effective when preceded by a qualified consultation from a Chinese Master Herbalist. The purpose of the assessment of chronic fatigue is to determine the source. That root has history with at least 10-20 underlying conditions that develop in the primary organs and the body’s networks. When an organ system in conjunction with external factors drop the body out of balance then the energy or life force diminishes into what many refer to as Chronic Fatigue.

Misunderstandings Abound About Chinese Herbs

There is a common belief that the majority of Chinese herbal formulas for Chronic Fatigue complaints are based on illogical intuitive thinking conducted by a village wise man throughout the years. While considerable knowledge has indeed been uncovered and produced by a Chinese Master Herbalists who have resided in the cities, that limited area of progression is diminished by the enormous knowledge that has certainly been learned by groups of Chinese Master herbalists and their whole schools focusing on Chronic Fatigue formulas under the command of the Emperor for countless generations. Chinese herbal formulations have been developed to take care of all of the pertinent conditions, including Chronic Fatigue.  Chinese medicine formulas are designed for superior balance of the human body. 25% of the formula is constructed to counter any slight side effect that the other 75% of the formula may generate. The other 75% has 3 functions:
  • Chief herbs that resolve the main root cause of the ailment
  • Secondary support herbs that assist the chief herbs
  • 25% provides advanced transport of the other 3 elements (digestion, blood absorption, transport to ailment site)
Texas residents and Houstonians’ health can be assured by a truly comprehensive, holistic strategy which is why it is imperative that consultation, formulation, and dose guidance be directed by an experienced Chinese Master Herbalist in order to prevent causing dis-harmony of the body.

Traditional Chinese Formulas for Chronic Fatigue are Safe

… since the herb formula has been reduced by an extraction process, 4 to five times the concentration of typical tea. Chinese herb formulas at this level of concentration are more efficient, not overwhelming to the body systems while at the same time, not causing unfavorable, antagonistic effects or negative reactions as seen in highly concentrated allopathic medicine which are reduced at levels of fifty to one hundred times or more. The first stage of learning, herbalists learn about specific herbs then he/she advances to small formulas. Chinese master herbalists memorize Chinese formulas and the imbalances they are suited for. Then the herbalist progresses to formulating and the manufacture of Chinese herbs for more complex conditions such as Chronic Fatigue. Longevity Mountain herb formulas have a greater impact because they:
  • energize
  • decrease inflammation
  • balance the body in the restorative process
Seeking and entering the care of a seasoned herbalist with extensive Chinese medicine knowledge is going to prevent beginner mistakes and generate the finest that Chinese medicine can offer. While not a serious risk as pharmaceuticals, slight adverse reactions can happen if produced incorrectly. On the positive side, when Chinese herbs are used with a thorough understanding of assessment and the corresponding formula, fitting your constitution, then Chinese herbs can free many suffering in Houston as well as Texas. Chronic fatigue is not necessary when the root cause is within grasp and the way to homeostasis is the known.

What is the Underlying Cause of Extreme Chronic Fatigue?

Generally speaking, the whole body becomes deficient in energy. While there are many causes, anyone suffering from this condition begins to worry whether something more serious is happening. Most people in the United States will consult their doctor for help. The physician will look for symptoms that are obvious to him/her, order additional lab tests, seek additional advice from MD specialists and ancillary personnel adding to the process. All of which is impressive and appreciated by this herbalist. It’s a regimen that is effective. However, when answers are not forthcoming as to why weakness is setting in with explanations that its apart of the aging process, or its genetic with a predisposition similar to your parents etc., then some clients may not be so willing to accept that and look outside for more answers. Chinese medicine will employ a different assessment process seeking the source of the deficiency utilizing questioning, observation as needed, pulse and face analysis, as well as other areas that the Chinese medicine practitioner is aware of. To others it may seem mysterious. For the Chinese medicine practitioner, it is an assessment process that is logical and routine and has yielded many sessions of success with grateful clients. An analogy that I like to use, think of the body as a car that runs on gas, usually, or any fuel source. When that fuel runs down, the car sputters. When the fuel source is shut off, the car ceases to move. An individual will usually pick-up some gas and load a gallon in. When the car is started, extra effort is required to re-introduce gas back into the lines. Once the engine starts and the car is on the road, initially, the car sputters. Then when the lines are full of fuel, the car’s function smooths out, ready to travel again. The human body is similar in that its fuel can be obstructed for a number of reasons. In the case of the human body, it may not always be physical. It could be energetic or both. The life force may need recovering or activated. Causes are too numerous to list here but some are lifestyle, incorrect diet for body type, environmental intrusion, stress and emotions, imbalanced body systems, and many more. The last one is usually responsible. Example: While I don’t recommend this to my students, which is, don’t provide professional care for your family, I did do this for some family members. When an elder member was weak, hadn’t eaten for 18 days, couldn’t smell, couldn’t walk much, slept excessively and desired to be recovered (very important), I provided Body Force. Another few days and he may have not recovered. My family was open to my help since nothing else was working. The member was a Christian Scientist who didn’t believe in taking medicine except to have faith in God. While challenging, I explained that the difference in pharmaceuticals and herbs formula. It was a mater of concentration. Herb formula are still considered food quality like a large salad. It is tea which the family member would drink occasionally. The difference between tea and Chinese medicine herbs is that:
  • Water had been removed thus making it more concentrated.
  • It was the right (salad) ingredients that would nourish his blood and organs.
Five (5) days later, he was enjoying himself on the boardwalk, interested in food, hungry, sharing and alert. Keep in mind that this was one senior individual and assessment is critical to discern the true cause of fatigue or energy deficiency for each person. Assessment is free at Longevity Mountain Herbs, for now, to make sure people don’t skip this important step. Take advantage before numbers of clients exceeds capability.  

Chinese Herb Medicine’s Influence on Chronic Fatigue and the Different Body Types

Different Chinese herbs can have a unique effect on the health of the body with a various outcomes as a result. An effective Chinese master herbalist understands the impact of an herb on the human body, especially chronic fatigue complaints which are commonplace. For example, when an individual has a hot natured constitution or body type, the Chinese herb formula that is required needs to be cooling or cold. Additionally, if a person deals with a cold type pattern (eg. nausea, IBS) then the herbs to be ingested must be warming. Therefore it follows, with a hot body type imbalance (eg. menopause, ringing in the ears) where the liver or stomach is actually getting too hot; the Chinese master herbalist usually recommends a cooling herb formula. In general, the objective here is counteract an off balanced condition, such as Chronic Fatigue with beneficial, centering herbs moving the individual to a neutral or a healthier state.  

Chinese Medicine Herbs for Chronic Fatigue

Chinese herbs have been researched and the results observed for centuries. The utilization of Chinese herbs is well chronicled for their particular impact on the body’s organs. In particular, a well skilled master herbalist will know which organ, the connections to other organs, and at what point along those channels the herbs will affect.

Below are the Usual Chinese Medicine Herbs Typically Used by a Chinese Medicine Herbs Master:

Codonopsis, American Ginseng, Chinese Scullcap, Licorice, Shiitake, Asian Ginseng, Corydalis, Ligustrum, Fo-ti, Astragalus, Dong Quai, Maitake, Chinese Ginger, Bitter Melon, Eleuthero, Reishi, Ginkgo biloba, Bupleurum, Green Teas, Schisandra and Longan fruit. There are thousands more. The herbalist you work with will need to know how to apply the right herbs, in the right formula for your body type undergoing the current conditions in which you are working with. Its like working with a quadratic formula with may more variables. Mark Hammer CMH-III Senior Master Herbalist

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