Opens and restores strength and circulation due to the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and hand pain & inflammation. Benefits: speeds repair of injured arm – hand, inflammation & pain in the tendons, tennis elbow, numbness & tingling, muscle & joint pain, arthritis complaints in the upper extremities, sprains, improves recovery from broken bones, arm cysts, gout. Relief usually in 3-7 days. Sustained balance will require 1-3 month regimen. Combine with Neck & Shoulder Comfort for shoulder trauma. Ingredients: 1. Pinella Tuber 2. Atractylodes Lancea Rhizoma 3. Atractylodes Rhizoma – White 4. Arisaema Rhizoma 5. Citrus Reticulata 6. Poria Cocus 7.Cyperus Rhyzoma 8. Scutellaria Radix 9. Clematis Radix 10. Glycyrrhizae Radix 11. Notopterygium Radix 12. Zingerber Officinale Radix Large bottle: 200 capsules Medium bottle: 90 capsules Dose: Take 3 doses from early morning, afternoon and early evening. Take 1 capsule per 50 lbs. body weight. So for a 160 lb. person, 3 capsules per dose would be recommended.


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