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Brain Comfort improves nutrition and circulation to the brain. Brain cell protection and metabolism require optimal support when mental function is noticeably decreased. Brain Comfort has the answer to the problem. The latest researched ingredients are well established for successfully raising Brain/memory function even when subjected to environmental stress, toxins, electromagnetic field disturbances, etc. Years of life stress, lack of sleep, work excess, poor nutrition eventually take their toll. Brain Comfort is an all-natural nutritional herbal supplement providing the cell recovery we all need later in life. This is not a magical promise of rapid regeneration. People have to be commited to taking the formula for 60-90 days for marked improvement. All sugars (anything sweet), breads, extreme spices, milk by-products, red meat need to be reduced to 1/3 usage or less.

Ingredients: Astragalus, codonopsis, pueraria, vitex, paeonia, phellodendron, glycyrrhizae, comifuga, fortida, Hericium erinaceus, maidenhair tree




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