When you’re down, this is what you want to raise your spirits.

Everybody’s had one of those days. You’re so stressed your teeth hurt, so irritable you feel like crawling in a hole. Well, snap out of it! It’s time for High Spirits the herbal formula that can really help put a smile back on your face! No kidding. High Spirits contains a unique blend of herbs known to help calm your nerves, help reduce stress and help you feel good about yourself.

Is that the sun peeking through the clouds? Try High Spirits today!

Take some and enjoy yourself and others!

Don’t let a bum day get the best of you. Try High Spirits and throw a party, feel freer with your friends, go bungee jumping or stand in the rain and sing a song. See? Things are looking up already. High Spirits contains special ingredients from all over the world, the herbs you think of first to help turn even your worst day around. High Spirits can help you cope with the stress and frustrations of modern life. So do something nice for yourself. Try High Spirits, the feel-good formula from Longevity Formulas.

Eases the tension around the heart area. Calms the mind without any depressant effects. Healthy alternative for palpitations, anxiety, anxiety attacks, emotional upset, hypo & hyper mania. Tonifying formula which nutritiously, eases agitation and depression, placing you in the zone.

Danshen (root) * Pseudo-ginseng (root) * Figwort (root) * Borneol (natural) * Passion Flower (aerial portion extract) * Kava Kava (root, rhizome) * Siberian Ginseng (root) * Gotu Kola (aerial portion extract) * Kola Nut (seed extract contains caffeine) * Schizandra (fruit) * Wood Betony (aerial portion) * Lavender (flower) *


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