Stroke Comfort Relieves symptoms of stroke. improves circulation deficiency by tonifying the capillary bed, dilating peripheral blood vessels, reducing excessive platelet aggregation, corrects blood stasis, fluid accumulation, phlegm turbidity, reduces blood pressure, blood coagulation thus avoiding heart failure and peripheral circulation dysfunction. Stroke took a long time to develop and will require time to alleviate the inflammatory process which results in essential vitality dissipation. Nourishes organs/tissues directly involved with paralysis thus releasing their blocked functions back into a state of normalcy such as (Bells-Palsy) facial paralysis.




  • Astragali –   Strengthens Ki, treats sores, “Yellow Emperor”
  • Moutan   –  Clears heat & cools blood, clears fire in yin deficiency, invigorates blood, dispels stasis,
  • Carthami – Invigorates the blood, unblocks menstruation, removes blood stasis, alleviates pain
  • Persicae  –  Breaks up blood stasis, including menstrual disorders, abdominal pain, traumatic injury, flank pain, lung & abdominal abscess, intestinal abscess w/ immobile abdominal mass, moistens & unblocks intestines/bowels
  • Scutellariae – Biocydal. Clears heat & drains fire from upper burner, high fever, irritability, thirst, cough, expectorant of thick yellow sputum, hot sores & swelling (topical / internal), clears damp-heat in stomach or stomach, diarrhea/dysentery, auxiliary for jaundice
  • Cinnamomoni –  Benefits kidney nephritic edema, cardiac edema, lung edema, antimicrobial, diuretic, lowers heat
  • Angelica –  Slightly warm, Nourishes blood for pale complexion, dizziness, prematue graying,  palpitations & insomnia, irregular menstruation, uterine  post partum bleeding. Nourishes kidney yin-night sweats, nocturnal emissions, low back pain, weakness in lower extremities,
  • Ligustici – Invigorates blood & energy(qi) movement, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, difficult labor, lochioschesis, pain, flank & chest soreness, hypochondria, headache, dizziness, painful obstruction, skin problems
  • Salvia – Invigorates blood & breaks up stasis disorders in abdomen and chest areas w/ chest or epigastric pain, rib pain or hypochondria due to constrained Liver qi w/ food stasis. Clears heat causing restlessness, irritability, palpitations, insomnia
  • Codonopsitis –  Replaces Ginseng. Tonifies the middle burner for lack of appetite, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, chronic illness w/ Spleen qi deficiency, Tonifies lungs. Prolapse
  • Ephedrae – Stops many kinds of sweating caused by deficiency.  Disperses heat
  • Cyanchi – disperses Wind. Clears heat, cools blood, fever, promotes urination, relieves toxicity, sores and painful throat,
  • Glycyrrhizae –   Strengthens the middle body energy and detoxes any negative characteristics caused by this formula
  • Ramulus – Tonifies Liver & Kidneys, strengthens bones, joints & knees, numbness, weakness of sinews, hypertension,


Amount:  190-200 capsules              Dose: 1 capsules per 50 lbs. body weight., 3 times per day. Whereas, for a 150 lb. person their dose would be 3 capsules, 3 times per day for a total of 9 capsules per day.


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