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Breast Support restores mammary-lymphatic systems health from conditions (breast hyperplasia, tumor, lumps, acute, cystic, and suppurative mastitis, fibrocystic mass of breast, inflammation and breast cellulitis, etc., at onset. Symptoms can be relieved include:

Pains: With or without breast swelling, fever, malaise, swelling of lymph nodes in the armpit and breast area, with some breast discharge.
Lumps: movable and with pain, may be more pronounced right before or during menstruation.
Prevention: Breast Support improves immune system and reduces the potential of lumps occuring. Breast Support has no known side effects.

Main Actions: The formula works synergistically to supplement the natural self-cleaning capability of the female mammary & lymphatic systems; To clear abnormal accumulation and growth of sputum-fluids, blood clots, tissues, and cellular debris, in the mammary gland and lymphatic ducts, which may form fibrocystic lumps, breast gland hyperplasia, etc., and which may have initiated the symptoms. Without cleaning or other treatment, these accumulations may lead to atypical ductal hyperplasia (precancerous stage), or DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) with microcalcifications, or even breast cancer (stage 0). The cleansing actions eliminate or slow down the accumulation of the abnormalities, so that the mammary gland ducts and adjacent lymphatic ducts and nodes will stay clean, or return to their original healthy state, thus the symptoms disappear.


  • Tian hua fen (trichosanthes)
  • Wang bu liu xing (semen vaccariae segetalis)
  • Dan shen (radix salvia miltorrhizae)
  • Xiang fu (rhizoma cyperi rotundi)
  • Jixuteng (radix et caulis jixuetang)
  • EcklondiaeThallus (Kombu) Kelp
  • Lonicerae caulis (ren dong teng)

Large bottle: 200 capsules Medium bottle: 90 capsules Dose: Take 3 doses from early morning, afternoon and early evening. Take 1 capsule per 50 lbs. body weight. So for a 160 lb. person, 3 capsules per dose would be recommended.


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