This respiratory formula nourishes the lungs enabling natural blood-gas transport. Lung Qi re-energizes the lungs into sustaining, strong function.

Benefits: elderly respiration, lung deficiency, breathlessness, superior sports performance, poor body oxygenation, weak blood, etc.

Recommendations: use interchangeably with Breathe Easy. In order to maintain both formula(s) effectiveness, one month on the this formula then switching to the next has been highly reported as successful. The formula is also used to replace Breathe Comfort to prevent reduction of formula potency when the body becomes too accustomed formula's effects.

Ingredients: pinellia, arisaema, citrus gradus, armeniaca semen, scutellariae, auruntium, trichosanthes semen, poria

Contents: 800 pills

Dosage: 1 pills per 20 lbs. body weight Eg. 160 lb. person will ingest 8 pills, 3 times per day.

The pills are are 5 times stronger than herb plant whiles pharmaceuticals will be 50 times more potent than herb material without natural constituents.


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