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Vital Yang is a nourishing, stimulatory composition without the negative side effects of most energizing formulas. Vital Yang is a 100% all natural, revitalizing formula. The master formula opens all the channels, nerves, vessels to peak performance. Vital Yang allows more blood and oxygen to move quicker through body systems enabling the athlete to go places not known before. Vital Yang raises and balances the hormonal environment for increased stamina and physical strength. The formula benefits men and women without the negative effects normally associated with increased hormonal activity.

Vital Yang promotes muscle development and overall general healthy vitality. Vital Yang is a great tonic for improving most middle age and elderly conditions. By improving bodily functions, Vital Yang makes possible for more flexible and increased movement essential to enjoying everyday exercise. For the older athlete desiring to maximize their potential, Vital Yang will add years of performance normally forsaken.


  • strength
  • energy
  • stamina
  • flexibility
  • speed

Great energy and power for the younger athlete, too! Regional, national and international KungFu (wushu) champions have used this formula for competition, successfully.




  1. Ginseng-builds energy, nourishes the upper half of the body
  2. Astragalus– energizes all 12 channels of the body
  3. Rehmanniae-strengthens blood, improves cells
  4. Atractylodes-strengthens spleen, assists in blood detox
  5. Angelica– nourishes blood
  6. Paeonia-strengthens blood, stops abdominal pain
  7. Cinnamomum-energetically reaches all limbs, toes/fingers, pain due to lack of harmonized circulation. Ceases numbness in extremities.
  8. Ligusticum-promotes blood circulation
  9. Poria-eliminates dampness, sedative
  10. Ziziphus-nourishes the spleen, stomach, blood
  11. Glycyrrhiza-strengthens the middle, balances effect of formula
  12. Zingiber-biocydal, disperses cold, reduces toxicity, supports immunity
  13. Eleuthero-energy enhancer and brain booster
  14. Guarana-contains anhydrous caffeine (equivalent to 1.75 cups of coffee) , energy support
  15. Gotu Kola-improves circulation, energy, brain function, emotions
  16. Passion Flower-lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation,  improves sleep, anxiety and concentration
  17. Wood Betony-nourishes blood,  relieves stress, improves circulation

Additional Ingredients (binders, flow agents) : Cellulose, Silica, Stearic acid,  Magnesium stearate, Gum Arabic, Maltodextrin


190-200 capsules            Dose:  1 capsule per 60 lbs. body weight, as needed. For a  180 lb. person, it is recommended that they take 3 capsules.


Large, Medium


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