We Use the Best Chinese Herbs for Menopause Comfort

Menopause Comfort is for women experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, hot flashes, flushed face, red cheeks, chronic sore throat, frequent urination of dark, small amounts of urine, lower back pain, low grade fever in the afternoons, and uneasiness. Additionally, this formula works for women who have experience dizziness, palpitations, dry mouth, stiff shoulders, mood swings, irritability, short temper, night sweats, fatigue, headache, mild constipation, urinary tract infections, some wasting diseases, long term usage of steroids or thyroid hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Chinese herbs for Menopause work best for menopausal complaints by reducing the typical heat characteristics stemming from the liver managing too much toxicity. The excess build-up in the blood clogs the capillaries, arteries & veins thus causing the whole body to be sluggish, out-of-time, and problematic. Menopause Comfort nourishes the liver and spleen function which filters the blood. This, in turn, interrupts the stress on the liver, normalizes body heat, clears the blood thus returning all body functions to harmony. More can be found on this here.

For extreme menopause for raging conditions of heat, sores, etc. where everything else has failed or Summertime menopause then select Paramalin.



  1. Radix Angelica Sinensis

    Benefits: Blood deficiency related to the Heart and Liver. Especially improves palid, ashen complexion, lusterless nails, tinnitus, blurred vision, and palpitations, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, and dysmenorrheal, abdominal pain, traumatic injury, and carbuncles due to blood stasis, especially accompanied by cold from deficiency, dry intestines due to blood deficiency. Tonifies the blood and regulates the menses, invigorates and harmonizes the blood and disperses cold, reduces swelling, expels pus, generates flesh, and alleviates pain: used in treating sores and abscesses, treats coughs. Moistens dryness and lubricates the Intestines, Internally, it moistens the organs because of its concentrated fluids and sweetness; externally, it thrusts out to the muscle layer because of its acrid, warm nature.

  2. Bupleuri Radix

    Bupleurum tonifies the Heart, Spleen, and Lungs, while it facilitates the fluid pathways, Unblocks the orifices and expels heat. Promotes urination, reduces dampness with such symptoms as phlegm and thin mucus, diarrhea, and edema. Supports the body’s energy, makes it an important choice for promoting urination and leaching out dampness. It can be used whenever there is urinary difficulty, edema, phlegm, or thin mucus, regardless of whether the condition is hot or cold, deficient or excessive in nature.

  3. Sclerotium Poriae Cocos

    Benefits of one of these Chinese herbs for menopause comfort include: 1) spleen deficiency with dampness, phlegm which resolves palpitations, headache, dizziness , 2) middle burner dampness (loss of appetite, diarrhea, epigastric distention), generalized edema and 3) heart and spleen deficiency (insomnia, palpitations, or forgetfulness) This herb tonifies the Heart, Spleen, and Lungs, while it facilitates the water pathways, unblocks the orifices, and expels heat. The herb promotes urination without injuring the body’s energy regardless of whether the underlying condition is hot or cold, deficient or excessive.

  4. Radix Paeoniae Lactiflorae

    The Liver directly relates to tendons (sinews), which can cramp and spasm if unsupported by filtered blood from a normal functioning liver. Radix Paeoniae Lactiflorae elevates the Liver Blood quality and thereby relieves pain (cramped tendons, flanks and abdomen). The Liver stores the blood, and reduced blood storage can affect other blood organs, such as the Heart, and the “sea of blood”, which refers to the Womb and its associated vessels. If the Heart lacks the support of Liver blood then palpitations and insomnia follow. If the womb lacks the support of Liver blood then irregular menstruation, infertility or dysmenorrheal presents. Radix Paeoniae Lactiflorae supports the Spleen when the liver is challenged. It cools, nourishes and re-invigorates reduces night sweats.

  5. Atractylodes Rhizoma – White

    Atractylodes Rhizoma is an essential herb for nourishing the Spleen and Stomach when dampness obstructs its normal functioning. It clears dampness in the muscles and flesh – and thereby restores harmony and halts sweating. Benefits the Spleen when deficient and prevents miscarriage. Benefits: diarrhea, fatigue, lack of appetite and vomiting. Dries dampness removing obstructions. Stops sweating. Calms the fetus.

  6. Gardeniae Fructus

    Cools fire and heat in the Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Liver, and Triple Burner, eliminating hot irritability in situations such as warm pathogen diseases with agitation and insomnia. Besides being one of the best Chinese herbs for menopause, Gardeniae Fructus is also good for clearing damp-heat, and is used for jaundice and urinary difficulty, guiding damp-heat out through the urine. Gardeniae Fructus drains Triple Burner fire, cools epigastric heat, treats sensations of heat and pain in the cardiac region, dissipates pent-up heat, and mobilizes blocked energy. It is an essential herb for the treatment of heat in the chest.

  7. Moutan Cortex

    This herb drains heat, invigorates the blood, disperses stagnation, and vents lurking heat in the body.

  8. Zingiberis Rhizoma recens – (ginger)

    Ginger opens phlegm and re-energizes, alleviates nausea and vomiting, and driving out all microbes and negative energy. If only its peel is used, its warm nature is somewhat reduced, but is excellent for unblocking urination. Ginger should be added in small amounts to food, where it strengthens the Stomach.

  9. Glycyrrhizae Radix (Licorice)

    Licorice or glycyrrhizae root, while neutral in temperature, it is one of the top Chinese herbs for menopause that nourishes the body’s energy, enters all the body’s channels with an emphasis on the heart , lung, spleen and stomach. Benefits: shortness of breath, sluggishness, exhaustion, loose stools, blood deficiency, palpitations, Cough and wheezing, Carbuncles, sores, sore throat, painful spasms (abdomen, legs), clears heat in the body, relieves fire toxicity alleviates pain, harmonizes the qualities of other herbs. Acts as an antidote.

  10. Menthae Haplocalycis Herba

    Benefits: sores and rashes on the skin, headache and red eyes, superficial visual obstructions, sore throat, and mouth ulcers.


Large bottle: 800 pills    Medium bottle: 400 pills
Dose: Take 3 doses from early morning, afternoon and early evening. Take 1 pill per 20 lbs. body weight. So for a 160 lb. person, 8 pills per dose would be recommended.


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