There is only one approved herb formula which can be recommended for use during pregnancy based on research and positive findings. Maternal Comfort master formula has just six ingredients, although certain additions are considered acceptable. However, in order to be safe, no more than these 6 ingredients will be presented here. This formula is recommended because it is extensively used in China and Japan and has been monitored in many large-scale clinical trials with pregnant and breast feeding women. The formula has been used regularly for the past 1,800 years. Animal studies have been done, showing no teratogenic effects (tendency to cause birth defects).

The experience with the formula is overwhelmingly positive. It is used for improving female infertility, for morning sickness, weak blood during pregnancy, and to prevent miscarriage. It has been approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health. The formula is made as a tea pill or tablet and is not sold in stores, only prescribed by Chinese health practitioners. May be used in the same manner that Western herbalists use raspberry leaves during pregnancy as a nutrient tonic.

For many, Maternal Comfort master formula is the only refuge for those who wish to make use of natural means during pregnancy.*

Action and Indication: This formula tonifies the blood and spleen,  resolves dampness. It is used to help a person who has pain in the abdomen due to liver and spleen weakness. It especially benefits a woman who is deficient or weak in general. Related characteristics: pain in the abdomen, irregular menstruation and cramps, urinary difficulty, postpartum weakness, sensation of heaviness in the head, pale face, dizziness, cold feet, lower back pain, poor circulation, chills, ear ringing, palpitation, mild edema (mostly in lower ribs), fatigue.


  • weakness during pregnancy
  • nutrient deficiency
  • pain during pregnancy
  • stress due to pregnancy
  • spasms during pregnancy
  • restless fetus
  • relief from post delivery depression
  • low energy and weakness
  • poor milk production


  1. angelica
  2. atractylodes
  3. peony
  4. ligusticum
  5. poria
  6. alisma

Dosage: 3 capsules, 3 times per day.

*Many Chinese studies and patient histories have demonstrated the effectiveness of this formula for pregnant women, post delivery and maintaining health of women and children while breast feeding.


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