Spirit Comfort benefits those seeking relief from:

  • ADD
  • Concentration / focus
  • vertigo
  • sensation of fullness in chest
  • sensation of heaviness of the body
  • trunk rotation problems
  • habitual insomnia
  • urination difficulty
  • irritability
  • delirious speech
  • palpitations
  • nervousness in children & adults
  • mental instability
  • hysteria
  • startled easily
  • night terror



  1. Bupleurum-disperses rising Heat, Liver energy and relieves Stagnation.
  2. Pinella-moves energy down, dries, transforms Phlegm.
  3. Poria-promotes urination, strengthens Spleen & the Middle, transforms Phlegm, calms the nerves
  4. Cinnamomum-relieves heaviness & pain, energizes, warms the channels & circulation.
  5. Scutellaria-Clears Lung Heat, fever, dries Dampness.
  6. Ziziphus-Strengthens the Spleen, energy, nourishes Blood, calms the Spirit./li>
  7. Zingerber-Warms, stops vomiting, warms the Lungs, stops cough, reduces toxicity
  8. Os Draconis-Calms anxiety, the Spirit, calms the Liver.
  9. Concha Ostrea-Heavily settles & calms the Spirit, calms the Liver.
  10. Ginseng-Improves energy for Deficient patients with Exterior conditions and calms the Spirit.
  11. Codonopsis-Improves energy, the Lungs, restores the whole body.
  12. Rheum-Clears Heat, accumulations, dampness, promotes urination, circulation, dispels Blood Stasis & delirious speech.

Amount:   Lg. 400 pills     Med. 200 pills

Dose: 1 pill per 40 lb., 3 times per day. Thus for a 160 lbs. person, 4 pills would be the recommended dose.


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