Pearl Face Comfort revitalizes the facial cells by providing essential nutrients normally impeded. Pearl Face Comfort was formulated to combat acne, facial itching, rashes and hives from allergies. Over time, it has become evident that Pearl Face Comfort restores the complexion. The formula works by cooling and cleansing the blood and skin, dispelling toxins and relieving swollen masses. Pearl Face Comfort contains herbs, which has been shown to improve the texture and appearance of the skin enjoyed by millions of women throughout Asia and around the world.


  1. Mother of Pearl: promotes healing & generation of flesh, sedates, clears the liver, benefits eyes.
  2. Rehmanniae: tonifies blood deficiency for pale complexion, graying hair, wasting disorders.
  3. Scrophularia: Cools the blood, relieves toxicity, dissipates throat lumps, relieves neck swelling.
  4. Glehnia: Moistens dry, itchy skin.
  5. Lonicera Flower: relieves fire toxicity, sores & swellings of breast, throat & eyes, anti-microbial.
  6. Polygonaceae: removes blood blockages, toxicity from sores, swollen eyes, hot skin lesions.
  7. Ganoderma-Red: increases RNA and DNA in the bone marrow, interferon production, disrupts viral diseases, improves brain functions. Alleviates allergies, oxygenates blood, relieves pain, reverses liver disease and is one of the most potent natural mood elevators known to man.

For acne, it is best to combine with Pearl Skin Cream and Paramalin for rapid results.

Bottle contents: Large bottle-800 pills Medium bottle-400 pills
Dose: 1 pill per 20 lbs. body weight/3 times per day. So if you weigh 120 then take 6 pills, 3 times per day.


Large, Medium


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