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Best Herbs for Tumor Patients

Open-All-Channels Master Formula Effective activator for Circulatory and Lymphatic systems. It eliminates nodule formations throughout the body. The formula targets the lymph and circulatory functions enabling them to flow freely again, All channels are opened to assist the cleansing and nourishment process. The master formula optimally aids the immune system to flush all negative factors preventing healthy flow of body fluids and qi. The formula is constructed of herbs that dissolve and move torpid phlegm. Liquid Formula is quicker acting.

This master formula dissolves:

  • lumps
  • severe abscesses or enlargements due to long-term qi stagnation
  • unidentifiable intestinal problems.
  • chronic sores
  • carbuncles
  • some skin problems due to toxicity
  • benefits breast cancer, lymph tissues
  • Combine with other formulas-Breast Support, Body Support, Vital Yang.

Angelica, paeoniae, cinnamomi, ligusticum, ginseng, magnolia, lindera, astragali, auruntium, auklandia, areca, perilla, siler, glyrrhizae, added flavors proprietary blend


Large, Medium


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